12 January 2021

Dr. Merlyn Sayers, CEO, Carter BloodCare, speaks on the state of the blood supply during an international pandemic

All donors are asked to give blood and if they have experienced the novel Corona Virus personally, consider donating Convalescent Plasma (CCP). Blood donation remains safe. Carter BloodCare encourages all eligible blood donors to make and keep appointments; and for sponsors to continue hosting blood drives.

11 January 2021

Carter BloodCare's 11 Laws of Life - Life Builds Community

Community extends beyond town, city, and state. Community is family and the blood that Carter BloodCare provides connects new and old family members together, regardless of genealogical relation. Unlike other blood service organizations, Carter BloodCare believes in seeing the local impact come to life in our family, friends, and neighbors. This personal touch brings the needs and goals closer to home and closer to our heart.

22 March 2018

Why high school blood donors are important to public health

Carter BloodCare relies on high school blood donors for a safe and suffient blood supply. These volunteer blood donors are essential to public health, and the patients in hospitals in our community.