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27 April 2020

Local hospitals, Medical Society partner with blood center to collect plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients

Two east Texans that survived COVID-19 were the first in the area to donate their convalescent plasma with Carter BloodCare’s East Texas operation Thursday, April 23rd.  Plasma collected from recently recovered individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 is being used as an experimental treatment for seriously ill COVID-19 patients who are not responding to other medical interventions. Carter BloodCare is working with doctors, hospitals and the Smith County Medical Society (SCMS) to encourage individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, to register as potential convalescent plasma donors so that more patients can have access to the investigational treatment.  

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09 August 2018

Treating Sickle Cell Disease: Blood Transfusions Matter

  • Serious complications from sickle cell disease are often treated by performing a 'red cell exchange transfusion'
  • Healthy red blood cells replace almost all of the patient's sickled cells 
  • The healthy cells have a 120-day life span; sickle cells live only 30 to 60 days

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Blood Drives

Gateway Church hosts three-day blood drives over six weeks during COVID-19 pandemic

Gateway Church is opening its doors to the community for blood donations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its leaders are encouraging people to #bravethemoment and give blood because it is an eligible “essential” activity during shelter-in-place orders. Blood is an vital resource to the healthcare providers and it can’t be manufactured. It must come from volunteer donors.

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Where does my blood go?

Published on 19 March 2018

Ever wondered where your blood goes once it is donated? Getting the right blood to the right patient at the right time is a complicated business.

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